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No. 998/3, HRBR Layout,1st Block,, Opp. to Oriental Bank of Commerce, Bangalore - 560043










6-10 Years

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Independent House/Villa & Apartment

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Devenahalli, Murugeshpalya, Kundalahalli, Hormavu, Sarjapur, Banaswadi, Panathur, HRB ...See MoreDevenahalli, Murugeshpalya, Kundalahalli, Hormavu, Sarjapur, Banaswadi, Panathur, HRBR Layout, Marathahalli, Mahadevapura & Bidrahalli

Builder ID : PGD6213

Winning Edge Group provides living spaces which match the dream of every family at the most modest rate available in the market. Winning Edge Group does not stop there in their realty services. It also provides complete support to its customers in the form of home loans, mortgage loans, car loans and other related financial services.

Our apartments, villas and commercial spaces are epitome of quality products and have all the features that would make it the state-of-the-art facility. Our designs, architecture, technology involved and delivery time can be rated among the best in the industry. In addition to creating living spaces Winning Edge also provides services in the buying and selling of land sites.

We have a dedicated workforce that guarantees that our clients have no trouble in all their interaction with us. Our sincere efforts and extensive industry expertise have placed us in the league of the most trusted commercial and residential real estate agents in Bangalore. Our other added services in the form of loan assistance have helped all our prior clients.

The highly experienced management team at Winning Edge has been advocate for client satisfaction, throughout the years has delivered quality work and has been always ahead in giving the client the best homes.

Our extremely satisfied customer base is our motivating factor and that has kept us pushing to come up with the products of even greater standards.

Mission: To provide quality services at unbelievably affordable prices and to be the right partner for our customers in their search for purchasing a quality living space. We consider, creating homes of exceptional quality that match our client’s requirements and economy as our benchmark.

Vision: To become the most trusted real estate organization in the Silicon Valley of India and to go beyond the already high standard of quality and customer satisfaction that we have set.


Ongoing Projects
Vandana Tejyesh in Panathur, Bangalore
Starting from Rs. 43.19 Lacs
2 - 3 Bedrooms,1234 - 1590 Sq Ft,
S.V Brindavanam in Panathur, Bangalore
Starting from Rs. 29 Lacs
1 - 3 Bedrooms,725 - 1648 Sq Ft,
Propulsive Passion in Mahadevapura, Bangalore
Starting from Rs. 38.70 Lacs
2 - 3 Bedrooms,1075 - 1470 Sq Ft,
Swapna Shree Manjari in Hormavu, Bangalore
Starting from Rs. 27.68 Lacs
2 Bedrooms,865 - 1130 Sq Ft,
United Daffodils in Mahadevapura, Bangalore
Starts from Rs. 46 Lacs
2 - 3 Bedrooms,1150 - 1560 Sq Ft,
Luxuria in Panathur, Bangalore
Starts from Rs. 38.48 Lacs
2 - 3 Bedrooms,1067 - 1667 Sq Ft,
Winningedge Sun Iris in Devenahalli, Bangalore
39 Lacs
3 Bedrooms,1200 Sq Ft,
J.C. Serene in Murugeshpalya, Bangalore
36 Lacs - 51 Lacs
2 - 3 Bedrooms,1113 - 1540 Sq Ft,
Winningedge Daisy Pansy in Kundalahalli, Bangalore
41 Lacs - 57 Lacs
2 - 3 Bedrooms,1089 - 1500 Sq Ft,
Winningedge Sv Heights in Hormavu, Bangalore
35 Lacs - 48 Lacs
2 - 3 Bedrooms,1070 - 1430 Sq Ft,
Winningedge Propulsive Paradise in Sarjapur, Bangalore
33 Lacs - 46 Lacs
2 - 3 Bedrooms,1090 - 1475 Sq Ft,
Winningedge J C Serene in Murugeshpalya, Bangalore
36 Lacs - 51 Lacs
2 - 3 Bedrooms,1113 - 1540 Sq Ft,
Winningedge Balaji Reside in Banaswadi, Bangalore
55 Lacs - 71 Lacs
2 - 3 Bedrooms,1300 - 1650 Sq Ft,
Winningedge Classic Hall in Panathur, Bangalore
38 Lacs - 57 Lacs
2 - 3 Bedrooms,1205 - 1780 Sq Ft,
United Tulips in HRBR Layout, Bangalore
63 Lacs - 68 Lacs
3 Bedrooms,1520 - 1615 Sq Ft,
HRBR Layout
Winningedge Banyan Tree in Marathahalli, Bangalore
91 Lacs
3 Bedrooms,2300 Sq Ft,
Winningedge Svm Paradise in Marathahalli, Bangalore
44 Lacs - 72 Lacs
2 - 3 Bedrooms,1267 - 2041 Sq Ft,
Winningedge Bsr Paradise in Marathahalli, Bangalore
40 Lacs - 53 Lacs
2 - 3 Bedrooms,1100 - 1415 Sq Ft,
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